September 15, 2008

Christian's Garden

Dear Friends,

Ryan started working on Christian's memorial garden this weekend. His sunburned skin and the blisters on his hands convey how this has truly been a labor of love from father to son.

Christian's garden has a beautiful water fountain and stone bench so that we can have a place to reflect and remember all the precious moments we shared with our little boy.

It's a work in progress as we still have plants to plant and a pergola to build for shade...but it's really coming along. Ry and I have really enjoyed searching for things to put in Christian's little garden. We were deprived of the opportunity to create a special nursery for our baby boy... so, in a way, this is the nursery we never had... One kind nurse made castings of Christian's hands which we are having bronzed for his special place. Already, it feels so peaceful...

I sat there yesterday after church and felt my son close to me as I stared into the fountain. I know I will spend countless hours there daydreaming of my beautiful boy. I'm sure Christian is looking down from heaven...eyes twinkling and approving his daddy's work.




Angie said...

What a beautiful idea! I love that you are doing this, because I believe that there is something so important in remembering! I created a wall for Poppy after she died, and every day when I see it in my living room, I am grateful for her and for everything that God did through her. I believe you will spend some unbelievably beautiful moments in Christian's Garden over your lifetime.

Kirsten said...

What a beautiful picture. Enjoy. The woman who led our Empty Arms Support Group created a garden for their precious Emma. 8 years later, their children ages 2, 4, and 11 all know it is a special place and spend time there remembering thier sister Emma.

I pray that your garden will be a safe place to find comfort, strength, peace and beauty.


Lady-in-the-Making said...

This is a wonderful idea, Leah. What an awesome lasting tribute to your beautiful boy. I'm so glad that you felt him with you while you sat there.

We're still praying for you.


Laurie said...

Christian's Garden sounds perfect. I know you will find peace and beauty there day or night as you remember your beautiful son. I hope you will post some pictures of it when you are finished creating it. I believe you will find Christian and God there as you rest and reflect there. I would like to send you a little something if you would email me your address. I continue to pray for you and Ryan daily, asking the Lord to give you the peace that only He can give.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Verna said...

I started searching the net for parents who had their baby diagnosed as Meckel-Gruber and somehow came upon your blog. I cannot know how you feel, but I know that my daughter and her husband will be going through the same thing in a few short months. My son-in-law also has made the decision to build a memorial for their son, Noah. His due date is Dec 4th so the actual creating the spot will have to wait till spring. God go with you and keep you in His loving care.

Judy said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure it feels good to DO something for your little boy! I'm sure it will be a cherished place!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea.. You guys are such great parents. I am sure you will be out there a lot.

Mrs. Mother said...

It sounds beautiful. I know it will help you find some peace. I have Jenna's urn on my table surrounded by angels we received at her memorial, along with a picture my sister-in-law drew of an angel baby with a hand reaching down. The hand is my granny's, who passed away in December. It gives me peace to sit beside the table and just look at all of it.

Cathy said...

I am so glad you have found a place to go and feel at peace. Will be hoping maybe you could share a photo for us to see when done. Prayers to you and Ryan from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Little Christian's hands bronzed, and the garden created by his Daddy's. How sweet is that. Hope your heart is healing. Wish there was a surgery to help your broken heart. God chose you for Christian's Mom for a reason. His angel needed lots of love here on earth. You did that and so much more. Enjoy your special garden.\

Stacy said...


What a beautiful way to remember Christian each and you watch the garden grow and transform and the beauty that will come forth from that garden, the stillness that you can find there. May God continue to bring you healing and comfort each new day.

After our son, Joshua, went home to be with Jesus, friends of ours gave us a tree to plant in his remembrance. We went to the nursery, picked out the tree...which at the time was only about 10 feet tall. I wanted a tree that my other boys could climb in they could feel like they were almost...playing with their brother. Today, 6 years later...that tree is about 25 feet tall (at least) and I can look out my kitchen window and see the height, the strength, the beauty of that tree...and everyday...think of Josh and know that as he is in heaven...He is mighty now and strong....whole and peaceful.

There is something so therapuetic in having visual reminders all around us. Reminders of God's grace poured out on each of us. Reminders of how God used one life to affect the lives of so many for Him...that He counted you worthy to be the mother to this beautiful and precious child of His.

May you enjoy each and every moment of planting and tending to Christian's garden and may you find many moments of peace and solitude in the midst of the garden.

I continue praying for you and Ryan.

Eleanor said...

We don't know each other but you have touched my heart. I can't begin to try and understand how you are feeling but when I read your blog for the first time last week, I went back and read everything. I was literally moved to tears and my heart aches for your loss.

I don't know what God has planned for you next but I'm praying for you both on a daily basis that He will make Himself more real to you than ever before.

The garden for your son sounds beautiful and I look forward to the day when we may meet in heaven (who knows, maybe your son and the child I never met are already hanging out together - that's a cool thought!) and give you the hug I've been wanting to give you since 'meeting' you last week.

Praying for you both.
In His love,

Kathy said...

What a terrific idea. Praying that you and Ryan find that peace that passes all understanding everytime you spend time in Christian's Garden.

Becky said...

Leah - Christian's garden sounds delightful. We have a memorial garden too. In memory of a child we never got to name, hold, or love. Sometimes it is especially poignant as I remember the events leading up to and what followed my daughter's miscarriage. I tried to email you but it did not go through.

I pray that you will draw closer to Him in that garden. Gardens are special you know. The first place man lived. Where Christ agonized and prayed. Ah yes. He is very familiar with gardens. Always trust His heart Leah.

Kim ( said...

This is a beautiful thing for the two of you. I wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your sweet boy and praying for you so much.
With love,

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine sent this to me. Her Husband is a Pastor and this is his devotional for today. I wanted to share it with you.

“Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light” (Matthew 11:28-30)
In doing some research a while back, I came upon an interesting tradition that takes place in the Middle eastern countries. When a traveler came to your home and was judged to come in peace, he would be greeted by the host who would say the customary greeting, which in English means, ‘You have walked over my eyes.” That means he had passed the trust test and was welcome. Servants would wash the weary traveler’s dusty feet, bring food and drink, and settle him down on quilts made of soft lamb’s wool.
I wonder, are you perhaps a weary traveler? Are the storms of life taxing your strength? Are you physically, emotionally and spiritually drained this morning? As you sit, drinking your morning coffee, do dark clouds of worry and deep concern cause dark places in your mind? SOMEONE is watching you right now!
Jesus’ arms are wide open. He is whispering, “COME!” “You have walked over my eyes and I have witnessed the heavy burdens you bear. I understand your pain, I feel your sadness and my desire is to give you rest. COME! I will be your hiding place and will give you rest!” Jesus’ arms are open wide to you today. He invites you to come to Him. The next move is yours. Don’t hesitate to respond to His invitation.

I am keeping you in my prayers