August 25, 2008

My Dear Angel Christian,

Grandma Mina loves you soooooo!

I wanted to spoil and play with you and tell you stories about your daddy.
I was blessed to be there when you were born and share your mommy and daddy's Joy!! My heart is bleeding for them now they are without you.

I know you are in good 'God' hands and I will take care of your parents but know their faith, courage and love are so strong it makes me proud and humbled.

God blessed us with so much more than we expected.....4 days and 3 hours!!
And such a handsome boy, too.

You have touched so many lives for such a little guy. We will miss you dearly.

Forever with Christ.

Loving you always, Grandma Mina

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Kathy said...

What a beautiful letter to your precious grandson, Grandma Mina!!!

As a fellow new grandma my heart both rejoices and breaks for you and your beautiful children, Leah and Ryan. All the family and extended family is hurting now and I raise you all up to the Lord to get you through these difficult days ahead.

I have this vision of Jesus holding little Christian in one arm and His other is wrapped around Leah and Ryan.

Praising God they have you to help them through. Continuing to pray for that peace that passes all understanding for you and yours.
May you all take comfort knowing Christian is with the One who loves him more than we can even imagine.

God Bless you,