May 15, 2008

Dear Little Christian Dale Paige (I love your name),
This is Grandma 'Mina" saying hello & I love you dear grandson. Your mama says you did well in your ultrasound today, grabing your toes & all your hand signals. I'm sooooo proud of you! You know you have the most loving parents in the world and I am soooo proud of them, too. I can't wait to see you. I know you will have dark hair & eyes like your mommy & daddy.
Many, many people are praying for you and them and for a miracle. We are so blessed to have such support and love. You are coming into a strong, loving family that will take wonderful care of you and protect you. You also have quite a special family waiting for you in heaven who will take good care of you. Auntie Beth, Great Grandpa Rocky, Grandpa Paige, Great Grandpa Bob, Aunt Dolores, Uncle Bill and the Skidmores. They are all such special people and we miss them so.
I pray that we will have some time with you so you can feel our love first hand.
Keep growing little one. We're patiently waiting for your arrival with our arms and hearts wide open.
All my love,
Grandma 'Mina'
P.S. I am a nurse & respiratory therapist and will help mommy and daddy take good care or you. That's what I do!

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