May 12, 2008

Dear Christian, It's your dad...

Son..., I have been wanting to say that word all my life. You are a blessing to your mother and me. I felt you kicking inside mom's belly the other day and I'm so looking forward to the day when I can hold you. Your mother and I have been waiting a long time to have someone special to give our love be prepared to get alot of loving...we have been saving it up.

Son, I hope you like football...your mom is a big fan...and you are expected to arrive during the preseason. If the Colts are playing I'm sure I'll be the one changing your diaper.
They tell me your ears are developing and you can hear I'll explain the the game one night so your not confused.

Son, Don't be alarmed when some nights you might not hear my voice or feel my hand when you kick. I am thinking of you. I'm just at work, caring for other families that need my help. I am a fire fighter like my dad (your grandfather) and his dad (your great grandfather). You have been named after me like I was named after them.

Son, Unlike your great grandfather teaching his son, and your grandfather teaching his son, your dad is being taught by you. God has blessed me with a teacher. A unborn child that is teaching me more about life than anyone that has lived before him.

Thank you Christian,

Love Dad

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Pete Wilson said...

Thank you so much for this letter Ryan. I feel my hands shaking as I type this because I realize in this moment just how much of life I take for granted.

There is so much we can learn from Christian and his precious life. There is so much I can learn from my three little boys.

Thanks to both you and Leah for allowing us to have glimpse into what God is doing in your life.

I'm praying for you guys like crazy!