November 2, 2008

Thinking of you...a letter from your Dad

Dear Christian,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately...more so than normal. I'm a that tinkers. I wonder if you would have been one too. Our garage ( cave) is perfect for tinkering from welding, woodworking, engine rebuilding, to just putting air in a bike tire. If it can be broken or built we can do it in our MAN CAVE.

Son, I think of you and I working on your first bird house up to your first hot rod. So many things I can imagine doing with you. I miss you son...

Yesterday I was looking for your star with my telescope and it was to far for me to see. So I started to think. I might not be able to see you with my eyes open or touch you with my reach, but I can close my eyes and see you in my memories and touch you with my faith, this gives me peace.

Our physical features are not what have made us different, it's the gift that God gave us...the gift of everlasting life and the faith that it will be there when we are ready to join him.

Son, I know we will meet again and in the mean time I will keep you in my thoughts and speak to you with my heart.




Amber said...

Absolutely many sons long to be loved like that by thier fathers? I continue praying for healing in your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. The faith you both show and hold on to. Christian is lucky to have two parents who love him so much. And I am sure he feels that love ever minute of every hour! Thank you for sharing your letter/lives with us.


connie said...

I love to read your thoughts about Christian. No son is more loved than he is.

Muriel and Jerry said...

Leah, I saw this site and thought of you. My son is 9 days older than your Christian and I think about you every day. I love the music at the bottom of your blog and play it while holding my son and saying a prayer for yours.

So Blessed said...

What a precious letter....may you be blessed and comforted as you grieve and miss your son.

Carla Burlando said...

You will always be Christians father. I know that this fact in no way makes any of this better or more bearable. You have done a beautiful job of loving and preserving his memory with the garden and your letters. I told my husband he should write you a note...since he at one point in his life was a Daddy with no son too. But he thought that was weird to write to a stranger online. :) I guess I'm weird then. Its funny though that he is a woodworker, welder, and general tinkerer too...and a fire fighter. Do you have drums in your man cave?
Hang in there...God will put all that fatherly love you have to good use someday. We'll be praying for you guys.