July 17, 2008

Tough Times

It has been awhile, but things have been moving kind of slow. It is a lot of "Let's wait until the next ultra sound." The wait and see is how we have been living. It's tough, an emotional mess. I'm trying to stay strong and focus on the every day needs and on the future, but have had my moments of deep sadness. You see, our boy is not doing well. We have some tough decisions and arrangements to make in the next few days. I'll let Leah explain in her words what the doctors have told us. She is a much better writer than I.

I just never thought I would be making funeral arrangements for my son before he was even born. My heart hurts every time I think of losing him, but I smile when I think of the joy I'll have when I can hold him, if only for a moment. We have chosen a tough road to travel by not giving up on him, but the memories are our rewards. God bless our son and everyone that is praying for him.


Laurie said...

Hi you guys,

I am so glad to see you back and letting us know how you are doing and how to pray for you. We have been worried and praying. I am so sorry for the hard decisions you are having to make right now. No parents should have to face this hardship. I have been praying for Christian and for the Lord to touch him, especially now. And you are so right, this is a tough road you have chosen, but I don't believe that your hearts would let you do it differently. Christian IS living and so precious to you and to God. I am so proud of you for choosing life for him. His life counts so much. I am asking God to wrap His loving arms around the both of you, and give you peace and hope in this storm. He will not leave you and He will bless you. I am walking beside you in prayer as you wait to meet your little son. I look forward to Leah's post and am praying my heart out for you both.

Love and Hope, Laurie in Ca.

PS. Please keep posting and let us support you as much as we can.

sea star said...

My heart is breaking for you guys. Christian remains in my prayers everyday.