January 6, 2009


Leah and I have been so blessed. I believe we have come to a cross road in our grieving. The choice to let our grief for our son steer us into a downward spiral or manage our grief and use it in a positive manner. Many of you have shown us how our grief for our son has helped you. Whether it was with your own grief or someone you knew. The constant flow of comments and well wishes are overwhelming and we are so thankful that you continue to keep us in your prayers.

We are on the mend. I know we will never heal, but really don't want too. I feel the pain and accept it...almost like a badge of honor for my son. He has forever changed me...for the better.

God bless,



Becky said...

Ryan -
I wish I had words of wisdom for you but I do not. About three years ago I went through the most sorrowful time I have ever experienced. I never knew there could be a grief so deep. I got to the point where I recognized that I had to trust God. To acknowledge that He had a plan. He knew what was going on. He was in control. That was a turning point. When I think of those dark days, I can still feel how desolate I was. I also look back at a time that God matured me Spiritually. A time that He allowed me to share my burden with my praying friends. A time when ultimately, He allowed us to see His hand in an amazing way. I don't know how your story will end, but I do know the Author of your story.

Lisa said...

Healing is a great thing, but that doesn't mean that you don't ever have to forget that precious little boy of yours. I am sure Christian will forever be in your minds and in your hearts.

Suzie said...

Beautifully spoken! Still praying for you and Leah. Hope her arm is on the mend as well. I think of you guys so often.

Cooper's Momma

MOM said...

My dear son,
You overwhelm me.....I love you so much. MOM

Muriel and Jerry said...

It is so nice to hear how you feel Ryan. I can't imagine how hard this must be but it is a badge of honor. You created a little perfect person who has made an impression on so many people. I would be proud too. Hope the wrist is healing and I hope you both never give up on your dreams.

mrsrubly said...

still praying for you and leah! may god give you the comfort you need in this time!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog through another, and I just wanted to tell you I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your son. Christian is a beautiful baby - and the love you feel for him is so evident through the photos. He is blessed to have you for his parents.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan and Leah,
I have been so touched reading your blog. I am sooooo sorry for your loss and I know that I cannot understand it, as I have not experienced anything like it.
I have something I would like to ask you...would you please email me so I may do it privately. My email is babystpierre@hotmail.com

Keep taking good care of each other!! ~Lauri St.Pierre

Trish said...

so well put:)


God bless,

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Praying for you as you continue to heal.

Kathy said...

Like Leah's wrist, your heart will heal. Like her bone, it will be even stronger exactly where it was broken but there will be a "scar".

I think your hearts will do the same. There will always be evidence of a break, yet they will still beat, still love.

Becoming a dad and loving your sweet son has made you a stronger, better man. Becoming a mom has made Leah the woman she was meant to be. Christian was loved and cherished and he remains so. He will always be missed.

Prayers continue for you and Leah.

Cathy said...

Just checking in to see what is going on in the new year. Ouch, Leah that sounded so painful and was so touch as you sang Christmas Songs as not to upset your friens 5 yrs. old daughter. I am glad that your grief seems to be balancing out. Sure some days its easy for the balance to become lop sided. I love the picture of you two in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah and Ryan,
Decided to drop you a note, to wish you well as you heal. (Leah's arm and both of your hearts) Hope your days are going good. Both of you are special people.

Have a good one,