October 23, 2008

A brief Hiatus...

Dear Friends,

This week has been a nightmare for me. I wanted you to know I'm still here and have much to share with you, but I will not be able to sit down and write at length until possibly Saturday or Sunday.

Our computer system crashed in our business and I am having to re-create every single transaction we've done since February. I've been eyeball deep in paperwork and still have a mountain to go.

Truthfully, it's been a good diversion from obsessing over my grief... but I wish it was a better diversion than panic over our business!

Although I am blurry eyed from looking at numbers all week, I am hopeful to be back on track by Friday...

Thank you so much for your emails and notes... I am truly grateful that you are still thinking of me and my family and continue to life us up in prayer. I have received some AMAZING words of comfort, poems, and friendship from all of you. You keep me going when there are days I don't feel strong enough to move forward on my own. Thank you.

Each day, we experience the miracle of prayer and truly feel God's presence in our lives. Thank you again...




Anonymous said...

Leah...keep on chuggin' along, girlfriend! I admire you for not giving up on your wonderful blog and the crazy aggravation of everyday life!!! I'm still remembering Christian with you, and praying for you as well! God bless you!!! Rebecca

Joy said...

Leah: I feel your pain with your computer issues, I too had to learn my lesson the hard way, I now back up via idrive.com and it cost $10.00 per month and it is the best $10 you will spend each month, if only for the peace of mind!

I am praying for you and your husband, be kind to yourselves and know that God is walking right by your side.


Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

Dear Leah, I'm new to your blog and have just read the entries since your dear son, Christian, died. I am so sorry.
May I recommend checking out Nancy Guthrie's website and her books at http://www.nancyguthrie.com/
Nancy has lost two babies and her books are so honest and helpful. She and her husband narrate the GriefShare series -- a wonderful series through churches around the world. They too have a helpful website www.griefshare.org
My husband and I have been facilitators in GriefShare for about 8 years. The feelings that you express in your blog are SO normal. I'm confident that the Lord will bring you comfort as you turn to Him.
You both will be in my prayers.
a sister in Christ in Maryland

utmommy said...

I am praying for the both of you. Hope things start getting better soon. Remember our Lord love you and your sweet family and always will.

Jaci said...

I was worried when I saw you haven't blogged in a while. Glad to know you are okay. I still pray for you and your husband daily and hope you guys are doing okay..

Penny said...

sometimes the window God opens for us is not the most relaxing. I hope that your business issues are getting resolved. I'm sure God's hand was in this giving you some busy work to give you a tiny respit from the overwhelming grief.

We also had major disaster 7 weeks after we lost our sweet baby. I ended up very overwhelmed with other issues with one of my older daughters that kept my grief from eating me alive.

MY prayers are always with you for healing and devine rememberance of your little man.


Kirsten said...

Praying for you.


Pete Wilson said...

Hang in there girl.

So Blessed said...

Praying for you as you face these technical issues. Always know that many of us "blog readers" are lifting you to the Lord for peace and comfort.

Kathy said...

Oh, Leah! What a drag, and yet perhaps these mundane things of everyday life are just the thing you need for the moment.

Prayers continue for you and Ryan. I celebrate your beautiful Christian's life with you guys. I thank God for his all too brief but very, very precious life. May the Lord continue to show Himself to you both.


Tanya and Don said...

Leah and Ryan,
It was so great to talk to the two of you today! I hope I didn't put my foot in my mouth too many times. You are two amazing people and Christian was so blessed to have you both as his parents. Stay strong!

Kathy said...

Hi Leah,

Just checking in today to see how you are.

I keep forgetting to let you know how adorable MacCloud and Roxie are. I see that they also enjoy spending time in Christian's garden as well.

Hoping and praying things are going well for you and that you and Ryan had a nice weekend.
Prayers continue!

Angie said...

Leah, keep taking deep breaths and putting one foot in front of the other. I pray for God to bless you and hold you tighly in His hands. I've been "lerking" at your site for months now but felt the need to comment today. Please know there are people everywhere thinking about you daily, even when you're blurry eyed from work.
Sending lots of love from Virginia!!